I just thought I’d share my notes from my first two readings of the robot (R#) rules, highlighting the changes I noticed from 2018, and ask if anyone else noticed any.

R3: Frame perimeter <=120", starting height <= 48" (last year was a box) [fixed!]
R4: Max extension beyond frame perimeter is 30" (16" last year IIRC) [there is no HAB exemption!]
R5: Max weight 125 lb (last year 120lb)
R6: Robots may not be designed to violate G6 (launch a hatch panel)
R12: The big one - budget increased to $5k, but only items <= $5 or that were received in the 2019 KoP are exempt. Discussion on this one is here 43.
R13: per-item allowance increased to $500 [rule number fixed!]
R30: bumpers now only 15 lb
R31e: Bumpers may have metal (not just aluminum) brackets
R34: Motors - added NEO, cut back automotive motors to those in the 2019 KoP; no more door lock motors
R36: Controllers: added SPARK Max, automation direct relays (and wiring rules for them later)
R73o: May put tape inside wireless bridge (but not enlarge a hole) [fixed!]
R84c: Solenoid valves with 1/4" push tube terminals are explicitly legal
R84l: allows water filters in pneumatic system
R85: The option for the off-board compressor is no more.